BEE Exempt Micro Entity Certificates and/or BEE Avadavats

We have been getting a lot of questions on whether companies should be obtaining a BEE Certificate, or a BEE Avadavat, as well as what codes should be applied. The previous 2007 codes or the revised 2013 codes?
The DTI confirmed the following on the 5th of May 2015 regarding the revised codes:

  • If your financial year end is before 30 April 2015 and you have not yet completed your verification, you may continue to obtain a verification using the 2007 Codes requirements. (if you do not fall under a specific sector code) This will mean that you can still obtain a BEE Certificate.
  • However, if your financial year end is after 01 May 2015, you will be required to use the 2013 Codes requirements. This will mean that you should obtain a BEE Avadavat.
  • If the sector codes are applicable to you then you will still require a BEE Certificate based on the requirements in the specific sector codes, and an Avadavat is not yet applicable to you.

The following table provides a summary of the sector codes:

IndustryExempt Micro Enterprise (EME)Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)Large EnterpriseBEE Documentation
General (Revised)R0-R10mR10m-R50mR50m+Affidavid for EME's. Certificate for QSE's and Large Enterprises
Construction (BEPR0-R1.5mR1.5m-R11.5mR11.5m+Certificate
Property (Asset Based)R0-R30mR30m-R280mR280m+Certificate
Property (Service Based)R0-R5mR5m-R35mR35m+Certificate
Property (Estate Agents/Brokers)R0-R2.5mR2.5m-R35mR35m+Certificate

If you require help in determining into which sector code you fall then please give us a call, we will gladly help you.

Contact or 011-476-1434 so that we can start the process.
Our fee is currently R500 (Ex VAT), and is payable upfront.

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