Tax clearance systemSARS has introduced an incredible new tax clearance system which will be rolled out in April 2016 (date to be confirmed). The new system makes use of a dashboard (My Compliance Profile) that reflects real time compliance indicators e.g. robot indicators where red will mean “non-compliant” and green will mean “compliant”.  The compliance dashboard is broken down into:

  • Registration Status
  • Submission of Returns
  • Debt
  • Relevant Supporting Documentation

The new system will improve efficiency by issuing the taxpayer with a pin number. This pin number will also allow third parties to check the compliance status of the taxpayer and will therefore eliminate the need for a taxpayer to go into the SARS branch and collect a hard copy of the tax clearance certificate.  However, receiving a pin number doesn’t necessarily ensure compliance.  Third parties will need to log into their eFiling profile to verify the taxpayer’s status.

Tax Compliance Status will also provide a full audit trail for taxpayers when it is indicated that they are non-compliant. Therefore, a taxpayer will be able to see exactly what is outstanding in terms of tax returns and money for all the tax types they have registered.  Taxpayers who feel aggrieved will also have the opportunity to challenge the compliance status.

Please note that all current valid TCC’s will become null and void as soon as SARS has implemented phase 3 – target date is set for mid-April.  Please take this time to ensure that your eFiling profile is updated, your companies are properly merged and that TCS and TCS Verification is selected and activated under Rights Groups on eFiling.

To learn more about the new tax compliance system, please click here and to download the Step by Step Guide to the Tax Compliance Status Functionality on eFiling, click here.

Originally posted on SAIT by SAIT Technical

If you are uncertain about you or your companies tax clearance status please contact our tax department who will be able to assist:  /  011-476-1434

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